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It occurred to me that to continue to help you heal and grow, I needed to add more clarity to my work. With social media posts on varying topics, it's hard to follow the principles I apply with myself and clients. My intention through this blog is to connect the dots and share a framework for your own healing. It is my firm belief that when we feel our best, we are able to bring the best of ourselves into the world. This is my wish for everyone.

The Body Talks blog outlines the principles that underpin my philosophy on food, body, wellness, and self. After thousands of hours of practice in my own life and my clients' lives, I've observed they are universally true.

Please know, these are not rules. This is not about dogma. Rules are by definition rigid. Rules don't often apply across environments, contexts, occasions, and personal preferences. Yet, if it is a good principle it can be applied over time, across experiences, and still serve you.

So here we go...

My primary concern is a regulated, well-functioning healthy body. This healthy body is a tuning fork for connecting with our highest self.

I understand these two truths,

1.) A body in pain or poor health will ultimately detract from a person's moment by moment experience of life.

Our focus becomes avoiding our current level of pain. We stop moving forward with intention and momentum.

In this way, a body operating in optimum health propels a person forward. They are free and able to pursue their purpose.

2.) A body with a brain that is not integrated and wholly used, will ultimately lead a person astray.

A wholly integrated brain is required to interpret the world around us and trust in our experiences.

Without integration, information is distorted and decisions may or may not be beneficial.

To this end, we must have a well-functioning body first to navigate the world and have the energy to do so. To achieve this healthy body, we must create an environment that supports health.

Key components of supporting health as a baseline are:

1.) Nutrition

2.) Water

3.) Sleep

4.) Movement

When these pieces align, health and vibrancy flow from the body.

This is where my initial health coaching practice started seven years ago. I coached folks on the tools to create these four elements in their life. I became aware that establishing these four elements is not an issue of education.

Many, many people know that broccoli is better for you than candy and junk foods. Knowing doesn’t translate into doing.

I began to ask the question, "why don't people follow through on actions that are best for them?" In pursuit of this answer, I discovered we have to address two other crucial components, regulation and safety.

We are designed with the ability to regulate our bodies via the autonomic nervous system (ANS). Our ANS regulates heart rate, breathing, immune function, digestion, core body temperature, and much, much more. It also operates our defense systems like fight or flight, or freeze to help us survive dangers. As we grow, we learn a felt sense of safety as a method to up regulate or down regulate our ANS.

From conception throughout life, we shape how our survival systems work. A disruption or trauma(s) teach the body and brain to operate differently to protect the body.

Trauma is an event or series of experiences that alter the functioning of the brain. Neurological changes create more sensitive, efficient survival areas of the brain. Thinking, planning, and impulse control remain weaker as the survival areas strengthen.

These neurological changes also affect biochemistry. 

Hormonal releases like cortisol and adrenaline flood the body. These stress hormones have a dramatic impact on energy, metabolism, digestion, and hunger.

To begin to regulate the brain and body, we must make new cross brain connections. My preferred methods for helping clients to make new cross brain connections are:

1.) Unlocking tension in the body

2.) Regulated Rhythmic Sensory Information

3.) Trauma Focused Equine Learning

With Safety and Regulation established, we begin to use tools to optimize health in the body.

1.) Plant Based Nutrition

2.) Gut Health

3.) Movement (Cardio + Strength)

4.) Sleep + Rest + Slowing Down

5.) Mindfulness + Meditation, Food + Body observations

6.) Self Love, Gratitude, Grace & Compassion

Offering this nurturing self care to ourselves may feel foreign. Like we may be undeserving or do not need to give ourselves such a gentle approach. Even more so when we have ingrained habits of negative self talk or critical inner dialogue.

When we treat our bodies kindly with nourishing care, it becomes a pathway for care for oneself in all ways. It is easier to love our inner self after we practice extending loving kindness to our physical self.

This is the end result. The beauty in this method is that we connect with our truest selves. We learn and meet ourselves where we are at, and we find our North Star, our own built in internal guidance system. Our own trust and intuition, always available to us, yet laying dormant.

None of this is possible until we first address our basic needs,

1.) Regulation

2.) Safety

3.) Nutrition

4.) Water

5.) Sleep

6.) Movement

When our brain and body become integrated, when we take nourishing care of the body, we open the pathway for purpose to pour through us.

This is where a powerful existence can spring from inside ourselves, enriching our daily lives and the lives of others. The ability to find and follow one’s dharma, your own heart song and unique gifts on this planet.

This is my wish for everyone, to live in wild pursuit of your own dharma.

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