2 (real) reasons we procrastinate (video)

Nope, it's not about being lazy. It's not your personality, or your work ethic. Here are the real reasons we procrastinate.

2 Actual reasons we procrastinate and what to do about it. (PS. You can search this video by clicking the search icon in the right hand viewer of the video. Super cool, right?)

Hello. Hello. This is such a big topic. I feel like I could talk about this for so long. I'm so happy to be high loony. So happy to be talking about procrastination. Procrastination today. Oh, look at you Hit my camera. Fun times. Fun times today I'm trying to just lis again. Well, real life that way. I'm not like weird Kitty. Want piss on the screen? Okay, So hoping that, you know I'm gonna invite stay. See who? Waas one who suggested this video.

Thank you, Stacey, because without your Oh, I went in. Maybe you thought about doing that topic today, So thank you so much. Glad that you suggested it. Let's talk about procrastination. Um, if you are washing live, please give me just a couple emotions. Something now that I have some sound. Otherwise, this whole video may just be a waste thanks to Facebook in that fun little sound thing. Um Okay, so let's talk about procrastination because I used to be a world famous procrastinator.

Actually, it was a big deal, and I want to talk about why we procrastinate first. And then we'll talk about what we could do about it because procrastination is so much more than what we make it out to be, really what we say. Procrastination is laziness. You're just being lazy. I'm gonna go be lazy and procrastinate. That's not actually what procrastination is at all. And having this belief that procrastination is just people being lazy or that you are being lazy actually is part of why it's hard to break her fascination because it becomes,

like inherit about who we are. I'm a procrastinator. I'm kind of a lazy person. I do things last minute or worse yet we believe the worst fucking lie of all lies. And I'm sure a lot of you have said this out there, which is I do better under pressure. F*ck that, That's absolutely not true. It is absolutely not true. That you do better under pressure is absolutely not true that you need to create stress to do your best work. That actually is part of what we'll talk about today is part of this fallacy.

And you could actually you know, if you do really good work under pressure, multiply that times 10. And that actually is what your true capacity is. If you were Thio, stop procrastinating. So here's the deal. Procrastination can be really one of two things.

It could be a lot more, but these were the two really common patterns that I see most often.

One procrastination can be well, It could be a form of an avoidance, but it's a little bit more complicated than that.

Ah, lot of times procrastination has a lot to do with Fighter Flight has a lot to do with trauma has a lot to do with our nervous system.

So the first half of procrastination is maybe the thing that we're thinking about doing is very stressful, right?

So maybe it's overwhelming. Maybe it makes us feel anxious. Maybe we have some anxiety or some fears about one how we could accomplish it.

So maybe there's a little bit of, like a perfectionist thread. Maybe there's a little bit of a thread of a lot of work and a lot of effort.

Any of these kind of beliefs are ideas can make whatever the task we have in front of us feel very stressful.

And if we are already operating at a high level of stress where we're constantly in fight or flight, we're constantly feeling overwhelmed,

were constantly feeling anxious. The prospect of adding one more thing onto our plate. Can they put us up over the top?

So one of the things that a lot of times we dio is we will procrastinate. We will avoid.

We will check out of the stress of our current situation by finding things to distract ourselves with. So maybe we decided to watch TV for a while.

Maybe we're side to call a friend. Maybe we decide to check e mails. Maybe we decide to do any number of a tasks or behaviors that take us out of this present moment so we can go somewhere else,

right? This is a common theme for honor, stress, continuum of behavior that's all about. I don't want to say dissociating because that's a pretty strong word and has a real connotation here.

But it's a form of that. It's a form of checking out of this present moment. It's a form of avoiding what we're currently feeling to feel something better,

and a lot of times we do get pleasure from doing things like maybe this is like we decide to go get a snack,

right, like maybe instead of doing the work that we have in front of us were like I should head to the kitchen.

I should get a snack. I need something. It's three o'clock in the afternoon. We will avoid,

um and, you know, use our biochemistry to change that. Maybe get a little bit of double meat.

Maybe we'll scroll. Facebook can get a little dopamine. We will dose ourselves into feeling better so that we can avoid this stress.

That's a form one form to high achievers. Perfectionist, this is for you. This is the form that tells us that we do better under pressure and it's total bullshit.

So the other form here is what I could've did all of the time is I would find all sorts of things.

Like if I had eight hours to do something, I would put it off all day long and try to get it done in the last hour of the day.

And then I would tell myself still productive. Oh, so good. Like I could just get shit done.

I got it done better. The idea started flowing. All of a sudden I had it. And then I could just bang it out right?

So I used to tell myself that that was actually the flow of my productivity, the flow of my creativity,

the flow of my energy was that I needed to creates and stress to be able to get it done.

In reality, What I was doing is I was engaging adrenaline and cortisol all. I was tapping into part of the sympathetic nervous system,

and I was using that to power myself through. I was like creating a foe sort of fight or flight experience so that I could marshal some energy and resource is to get the job done.

But I couldn't do that until I actually gave myself the deadline. Deadlines are just pressure. It's an imposed form of pressure,

and I needed the pressure to be big enough. I needed to waste that 1st 7 hours in this example to create the faux pressure so that I could kickin the adrenaline kick in the court is all.

And so that's what a lot of my procrastination was about. So it's important to know this is important to know that you might be in one or the other pattern.

They're both being driven by our sympathetic nervous system is just Are we using it to avoid and check out so that we can drop our stress?

Or are we using it to create our stress so that we can have some energy to go through and do what we need to d'oh.

Either way, we're not operating in our zone of genius. Either way, we're not using the true capacity of our body because when we're in our parasympathetic nervous system that rest,

I just repair side. When we are using a fully wholly integrated brain, we unlock all of the powers of our creativity.

So another thing I always like to point out when we drop down into the lowest regions of the brain,

the dye in several on the brain stem this older functioning part of our brain that's really based on reaction fighter flight,

kind of our base instincts are like drops. Our i Q drops significantly. We also turn off a lot of the access to the prefrontal cortex,

so our creativity goes way down. So our ability to solve problems for what everything is ahead of us actually decreases.

The more stress that we give that situation, we actually perform our best when we're in a calm, regulated body that is the peak.

And so that's actually the challenge is to move out of procrastination. We really need to assess how we're fueling our procrastination.

How are your fueling what we get done and then come back to a calm, regulated body? So of course,

this is what I talk about all of the time that we were the Paris and pathetic state of the body.

When we are in a relaxed muscle body, then we have a sense of regulation to get shit done.

So how do we do that? One of my very favorite things is, if we're feeling like we're procrastinating,

if we give ourselves some regulated rhythmic sensory information, bilateral stimulation One of my very favorite things is to go for a walk.

It's really that simple. We can really ground and regulate the body very quickly. Just going for a walk.

Maybe if you're in an office space, take some loops around the office, take a couple of moments to have some deep grounding breaths.

And then here's the kicker. Get clear about what you actually want to d'oh what you actually have to do or need to do because a lot of times,

other things that's really overwhelming for a lot of us. Ah, lot of the times of the things on our plate are things that we have to do or we should do because it's the right thing to do.

They're not always things that we need to d'oh. So part of that post with procrastination is a lot of times we're trying to marshal all of this energy to do something that we don't really want to d'oh.

Or we're thinking about the whole big picture of something when really we just need to take the first step,

right? So, depending on what side of that procrastination paradigm you're on, sometimes you just need to get clear about what we really actually need to dio.

And then we can start moving forward. Then we can make progress if you notice yourself in this pathway of wanting to avoid all day to create foe stress to push yourself up against a deadline.

My action set for you after you get regulated is to do the damn thing right to do it before it needs to be done to do it before there's any time pressure to focus on achieving when it's still important.

But long before it's urgent. That's the focus. So hopefully packaging in that way, thinking about how we can take action,

thinking about how we can regulate the nervous system gives us the freedom to also know when we're self soothing and we're coping a little bit by turning on Netflix rather than doing the thing that we know,

we need to dio, we consign. Oh, actually, I'm feeling quite a bit of stress about this.

Actually, if I did some real good self care instead, I would be able to regulate and call my body,

and then I'd be able to take action or at least think about the first step. What is the actual first step?

I need to d'oh so one of the things that happens quite a bit if we're in this process where we've been stuck for a long time,

we're not even really clear about what we need to do. We're not even really clear about what the greatest next step is.

Girls. Luna Flurry. That's a problem. Having a big Newfoundland yucky knowing what we need to d'oh means we need to get really clear.

We need to get really crystal clear about what that action step is. And if this is something that you struggle with,

if you watch my video from last week which was decide, commit, invest and use that power. But I don't even know how to decide.

We have a clarity problem, right? We might have a procrastination plus a clarity problem. So just so you know,

I'm gonna drop a link here down below +47 days to clear vision is a beautiful, simple program. It's packed with so much information and a good golly workbook to help you work through step by step,

how to get clear about what you actually need to do in your life. This is fucking freedom. Once you have clarity,

you can take action once you have clarity and you know you need what you need to d'oh! You can implement these steps around procrastination to regulate in the body and move forward.

So I love this program. I designed this program for birthing into the new year. Right. So is perfect,

though for any time you're stuck and plus this program you have for life so you could do it again and again and again,

it's self study. It's seven days seven Audio's plus a workbook. If this is interesting to you, its arms sale this week through Friday,

it's regularly $97. Right now it's $37. I'll drop a link in the comments below, but I want to know before you go.

Does anyone have any questions about procrastination? Feel free to drop him in the comments. Are you the Wait until it's super strong or are you the,

um, the docks are doing today. Actually, I'm gonna call this live because Luna's over there pastoring Ali.

She came to pastor me, and then she went over to pester Ali. I think they're a little wound off after the treadmill guy came today.

So thank you so much for dropping her alive. Hope you all are having a beautiful day. If you have any questions,

struck him in the comments. Let me know what kind of procrastinator you are. And again, if you need the steps to get clear so that you could start taking action,

I'll drop that link for you to have a good day.


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