Man, where do I start?  All I can think is why in the hell didn’t I start my coaching sessions with Ashley sooner?!? I had spent a lot of time trying to accomplish my goal of switching to a plant-based diet but remained unsuccessful.  I had all the pieces to the puzzle and it wasn’t until Ashley began working with me that those pieces finally began to fit together.  


I am truly grateful for my coaching with Ashley.  She taught me new ways to overcome obstacles and embrace change.  Her ability to listen is like no other.  Not only would Ashley hear what I was saying, she was able to pick up the unspoken words my inner self didn’t let out.  I love that I have been able to use each new skill, not only to switch my lifestyle, but to help refocus my energy into more positive views and outcomes.  


If you are reading this and you are like I was, sitting on a fence wondering if this would be a good idea.  Let me just tell you — YES!!! GET YOUR ASS OFF THE DAMN FENCE AND DO IT!! 


Ashley, a trillion times over, Thank You.


When you started coaching me a few months ago my main goal was to move to a plant base lifestyle.  To my surprise you were much more than a nutritionist!   I wasn’t aware at the time that you were actually listening to my every word and the tone of my voice.

You quickly started asking me questions that I was afraid to acknowledge myself.  It was difficult for me to tell you that I was drinking three to four bottles of wine every day and I was having a tough time communicating. You knew that before we could work on the plant base diet you had to work on other issues.   I remember those first sessions when we talked about some tough issues and how knowledgeable and strong you guided me!  You didn’t let me off the hook and I appreciate your direct no nonsense approach!  

During our sessions, I was so impressed that what I didn’t say was just as important as what I did say.  You have a special gift of caring, not judging and having the best advice!

I have been on a plant based diet now for 3-4 months and no drinking!!!  I feel the best I have ever felt and am feeling confident and strong due to your coaching and advice!!

Ashley, I owe you so much!!  Thank you for not giving up on me and being the best coach ever!!

You’re simply awesome!!!


"When I asked Ashley for help, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for, but I knew I felt lost in my life with fitness, eating, and self-hate. By the end of the consultation, I was crying because the truth of where I was and how I got there was spelled out right in front of me. Ashley helped me see so clearly how harsh I had been on my body through shame, over-exercising, comparing to others, not taking time for myself. The process was about me sifting through the lies I had started to believe about my body and how to sit with who I was and be ok with that.


Honestly one of the hardest things to do was to tell myself I loved myself and now I do damnit! Ashley helped me switch my focus from running my body into the ground to taking time to sit with myself and trust myself and be ok with that. I am still working on my junk everyday, but I feel like I have tools to guide me when I feel like the past thoughts are creeping in. The breadth of knowledge I gained about mental health, body health, food, and loving myself was so deep. I absolutely recommend doing this work with someone who is incredibly intelligent, honest, kind, and walks the walk! Thank you Ashley" 


I have followed Ashley for years and been attracted to her blunt, no bs honesty, her drive to improve herself, other and the world around her, and her overall sense of self-empowerment, improvement and never-ending betterment. 


I had several goals when I started with Ashley. There were the obvious things of getting healthier, learning how to better feed my body and making my physical health more of a priority in my life. 


I wanted to know more about a plant based diet, getting my body back on track, and being a more environmentally friendly human and sustainable. 


What I got from Ashley was so much more than a physical coaching. She made me look inward and explore things that I had long buried down and hidden. 


She made me realize that certain things I was doing that I thought were helping me, were actually things I had put before myself to not only keep myself in my comfort zone, but also to unknowingly hold myself back. 


She taught me how to face these issues head on; to not just deal with them and forget it, but how to explore how each event/experience/feeling had affected me, come to terms with it, and let it make me stronger and become part of my journey. Through her coaching, I learned how to take pride in myself again.


Ashley stood by me and saw me through very difficult and heart-wrenching emotions and as silly as it sounds, she helped to bring my feelings back. I hadn’t cried in years and I never thought letting those emotions go could feel so empowering. 


It was hard for me to end our coaching session, as I had started to feel that Ashley was a big factor in my new found strength (emotional, mental and physical). 


However, the tools she taught me have made each obstacle I have encountered that much easier to take down, learn and grow from, and move on. It took me a couple weeks, but I now know this was all part of her teaching. I needed to realize that I am my own pillar of strength and I control my life and the direction I take it. 


To say Ashley changed my life is an understatement. 


She gave my kids back the mom they deserve. 

She gave my husband back the person he used to know. 

But, above all of that, she gave me, me back. 


For this, I will be forever thankful and only wished I would’ve reached out to her sooner!


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