feed your


eat healthy


without feeling


shame or starving yourself


Hey Friends ...

My name is Ashley. I'm here to set a new standard for our relationship with our food and bodies.

I'm all about ending emotional eating through self-compassion and grace.

I'm here to help you feel great in your skin and live with health and vitality.

Imagine what life would be like if you... 


-Craved a healthy foods like buddha bowls of roasted veggies instead of junk foods.


-Felt energetic and light after dinner, not stuffed and exhausted.

-Loved the way you feel in your clothes. Go to the party feeling beautiful. 


-Passed on the triple fudge cake or queso nachos because they aren’t at all appealing. 


This is what you will do... 


-Learn how to completely change your relationship with food. 


-Change what your body craves. 


-Transform how you feel about your body and yourself. 

-Find the confidence to be exactly you in the skin your in.


No beating yourself up. 

No complicated rules. 

No counting or measuring. 

No moderation 

(It’s total bullshit anyway.)



Where are you stuck with your food and body?


new to coaching?

Great! I’m glad you are here. This is how it works. We dig deep into the limitations that are getting in the way of your big, happy, healthy goals. 


You leave each session with:


  • A deeper understanding of why you do what you do,

  • Knowledge on how to change, 

  • And actions to complete before our next session.


You will be successful because...


We take meaningful action each week. I teach you what you need to know in an easily understandable way. 


I’m here for you. You deserve to get everything this amazing life has to offer. Pure support and love. I disagree with making people feel like shit and shaming them into their goals. 

This is what I’m crazy good at helping my clients with:

  • Plant Based Diets and transitioning simply into one. 

  • Anxiety, Stress, and Overwhelm.

  • Addiction. Emotional or binge eating. Alcohol, debt, shopping. Binge watching and procrastination.

  • Emotional Mastery. Anger, fear, doubt, depression, grief, sadness.

  • Building confidence and trust in yourself.

worked with a coach before?

Fantastic! Ways I might be different from other coaches:


Everyone deserves vibrant health and energy. The size of your pocket book shouldn't be a factor in receiving resources. 1:1 Coaching with me is an investment in yourself and your health. I offer payment plans to help with your financial commitment. I do have other resources like online self study courses and I have a free group, Whole Life Wellness packed with videos and resources.

Coaching with me is not mentorship. 

It is all about creating your healthiest body and life, not about teaching you how to be me. 


Your coaching is custom tailored to you. All action steps are specific to where you are right now, who you are and what you need. 

Do not work with me if:

You aren't ready to dig in.


I understand stuck. I understand lack of clarity. I even understand, “I don’t know.” 


I understand needing guidance, encouragement and support. I’m down for all that. 


The real question is, Are you willing to look at what is holding you back with honesty and vulnerability? 


Yes? Super, let’s get to it. 


No? That’s fine. 


I’m not here to make anyone do what they don’t want to do. We just can’t work together. 



Man, where do I start?  All I can think is why in the hell didn’t I start my coaching sessions with Ashley sooner?!? I had spent a lot of time trying to accomplish my goal of switching to a plant-based diet but remained unsuccessful.  I had all the pieces to the puzzle and it wasn’t until Ashley began working with me that those pieces finally began to fit together.


—  Patty

Want simple

daily habits

to feel better?



Ashley Decker

Whole Life Wellness, LLC

North Dakota



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